Spoiler Chat: Scoop on Glee, Smash, New Girl, a Pregnancy Blind Item and More!

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Though Christmas is just around the corner, we've learned there's something even more exciting coming up on one of your favorite shows!

A fan-favorite character is going to be having a baby, y'all! Yes, seriously. So who is it? You'll have to read our Spoiler Chat to find out, which also includes scoop on The Vampire Diaries' new big bad, what's in store for one of Smash's most popular pairings and what's next for our girl Marley on Glee after her eating-disorder scare. Plus, we've got New Girl and Mindy Project spoilers!

Conor: In desperate need of Awkward scoop! What's next for Matty and Jenna?!
Unfortunately, the fan-favorite couple that took two seasons to finally officially get together are in a major rut when we pick up with them in the season three premiere. How bad is the rut? She's ignoring his calls while hanging with another dude. 

Dianna: Glee scoop! I love Marley, so can you tell me if she's going to be OK?
Melissa Benoist spilled to us that in terms of the eating-disorder storyline, the worst is probably over. "There are a lot of bright things for her future," she tells us. "She had to go through what she went through to really appreciate her strengths. And I think it's a new day for her coming up." As for if she's be up to come back for season five (if there is one), Benoist answered with a resounding: "Of course!"

Keri S.: I love your blind items. Got any more? I love playing detective!
As a matter of fact, we do. We just found out a pairing on a certain comedy will soon be expecting! Notice how we said "pairing," which means the parents-to-be may or may not be couple at the moment. That's all we can tell you right now. OK, one more hint: The comedy we're referring to is not Happy Endings or The Mindy Project.

Ronnie in New York: Thanks for the Smash scoop. But I need more info on Derek and Karen, pleeeease!
The first episode of the season will have a very electric moment between the two, and the director is clearly still smitten with his leading lady. But later, Derek turns to Ivy when he's hit rock bottom (read: hammered drunk). So we can definitely see a big Derek-Ivy-Karen love triangle happening this year. And then there's the undeniable spark happening between Karen and Jeremy Jordan's character.

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Vanessa: Got any more scoop on Twilight star Charlie Bewley's role on The Vampire Diaries? I'm so excited to see him on the show!
Bewley will debut as Vaughn in the CW series' 13th episode and let's just say he's got his sights set on the Salvatore brothers. You see, he's a hunter, one of The Five, to be exact, and like Connor, he's pretty damn good at his job. Expect an interesting first meeting between Vaughn and Damon that will only show off just how much Damon cares for Elena. 

Bianca: Any updates on The Mindy Project? Specifically for the super cute Danny/Mindy duo?
Perfect timing! We just talked to Chris Messina about the Mindy and Danny dynamic and what's coming up for them. "Mindy and I keep going back and forth from battling each other to really respecting one another and becoming friends or closer, at least," he tells us. But don't expect anything beyond that, at least for right now. "I think the will they/won't they is fun to watch and it's fun to play," Messina says. "I think they should keep stretching it out." Be patient, Danny-Mindy shippers!

Bethanny: I need my Nick and Jess fix for the week! #NewGirl
Things between those two really start to heat up in episode 16, titled "Marriage." Don't get too excited by that title. What you should get excited about is the fact that Nick is finally, finally ready to talk to Jess about this whole will they/won't they thing going on between them. Unfortunately, Jess' boyfriend Sam is there to ruin everything. Damn you, New Girl writers! 

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