The Voice's Adam Levine Threatens Blake Shelton: "It's On in Season 4!"

Exclusive! We chatted with the two coaches, who will be returning for the upcoming fourth season

By Tierney Bricker Dec 20, 2012 1:00 AMTags
Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, The Voice FinaleCourtesy of E! Networks

Is TV's best bromance officially over?!

Last night, Cassadee Pope was crowned the winner of The Voice's third season, making it the second season in a row that one of coach Blake Shelton's contestants has won. 

Someone who isn't happy for Blake's success? His fellow coach Adam Levine, who crashed our interview with the country superstar to mock and threaten him! Plus, Blake teases what fans can expect from season four and Cassadee tells us what was going through her mind when she won!

Watch: Adam Levine's Threat to Blake Shelton

"It does feel good," Blake manages to say about winning two seasons in a row before Adam interrupts the interview and finishes his answer for him: "Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, I won twice, blah, blah!"

When Blake teases that "he's already dreading season four," Adam issues quite the threat! "Your ass is f--king grass. It's f--king on," he promises. "It's a bloodbath next season. I'm talking your tall country ass down!" Of course, their fight ends in laughs and with Blake confessing he didn't hear anything his fellow coach said as he was too distracted by his bowtie!

Of course, season four will welcome two new coaches, Usher and Shakira, as Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera take some time off from the show. "I'm going to miss a lot about Christina and Cee Lo. I think the show is definitely going to be different," Blake admits. "It's going to be great, but it's definitely going to be completely different because those four people who sit in those chairs, they create the chemistry." When Adam interrupts Blake's answer again, Christina jokes, "Good luck! I'm out of it next year, good luck, you guys!"

When Adam wasn't interrupting him, Blake was quick to gush about Cassadee. "I can't brag on her enough, whether I'm standing here or I'm right in front of her," Blake gushes. "She's just a really good human being. She's just really sweet."

As for Cassadee, she admits, "I am extremely excited, but it has not sunk in yet. I still haven't had a second to sit down and absorb my thoughts. I feel like it's not going to hit me for a while." 

And though most people would love to have confetti rain down on them after being crowned the winner of an insanely popular reality singing show, Cassadee says it made her nervous! After Carson Daly announced she was the winner, "My first reaction was like, 'Mom, please don't fall!' Because there was confetti and it was slippery and she actually almost did fall, but besides that I was in awe!" Cassadee recalls.

To hear more from Blake, including how drunk he was during our interview with him, and Cassadee, who dishes on her coach's protective nature, watch our interview with them above!

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