Victoria Soto, Paul Simon

Facebook; Jeffrey Mayer/

Vicki Soto died a hero Friday in Newtown, Conn., and so many people—Paul Simon, included—remain touched and in awe of the Sandy Hook elementary school teacher's bravery and selflessness.

The musician performed his Simon & Garfunkle classic "The Sound of Silence" at Soto's funeral Wednesday in Stratford, Conn., with the song and the eulogies being broadcast to the many who assembled outside to pay their respects, per reports.

According to her obituary, the 27-year-old's priority was "molding young minds," but "being the 'fun' teacher, was what she was all about."

Aside from her beloved family, friends and students, Vicki loved flamingos, the New York Yankees, Christmastime and her dog, Roxie. Following Vicki's funeral Wednesday, one of her sisters, Carlee, tweeted a photo of them with the caption, " Yes Vicki, there are flamingoes in heaven."
Our thoughts and prayers are with Vicki's family, friends and all those affected by Newtown's tragedy.

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