Bradley Cooper Pranks Ellen DeGeneres With Third, Fourth and Fifth Nipple!

Silver Linings Playbook star fools talk show host with his extra body parts on Tuesday

By Rebecca Macatee Dec 19, 2012 3:51 PMTags

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Ellen's not the only one who can play a prank.

Bradley Cooper gave The Ellen DeGeneres Show host a taste of her own medicine on Tuesday when he showed her his third, fourth and fifth nipple.

"Hey, do you remember when you asked me last time if I could take my shirt off?" the Silver Linings Playbook star asked, eliciting cheers from the crowd. "I remember thinking—well, I don't know if I should reveal this much about myself."

"I didn't [take my shirt off then] because—I'll show you why," he said, unbuttoning his red button-down. "I actually have a third nipple…It's disgusting!"

"You have three nipples?" Ellen exclaimed.

"I do," the Hangover star said. "Is that weird? I actually have—this is so sick—I have a fourth nipple actually." He then showed Ellen a fake nipple on his arm, and a fifth nipple on his leg.

Later, of course, the former Sexiest Man Alive 'fessed up to his prank, admitting to Ellen he really only has two nipples.

Hey, two, five, 14? Nothing about Bradley Cooper could be wrong!