This is a much better look for Shaun White

The pro snowboarding champ recorded and uploaded a home video of himself on YouTube Tuesday, which he titled "It's Only Hair." In the two-minute video, the athlete visits the barber shop and says sayonara to his curly, red locks.

"I've been thinkin' about this one for a while," the Flying Tomato says, "but it's for a good cause, so I wanna do it."

White continued, "Somebody needs it more than I do. I haven't told anyone I'm doing this, that's the best part. I'm just gonna show up and mind freak people."

Once he arrived at the shop, it was go-time. "We might be cuttin' it. I'm a little nervous, you gotta go easy on me."

After one last hair toss, his loved tresses were put into a ponytail and cut off—just like that.

Watch the clip to see how it all went down and to get a glimpse of Shaun's new look.

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