Brandi Glanville, Adrienne Maloof, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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Last week's massive blowout between Brandi Glanville and Adrienne Maloof lives on to this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

All of the ladies discussed the confrontation that happened during Mauricio Umansky's event, and agreed that Kim Richards probably shouldn't have brought the situation up at that time, but she felt obligated to share the gossip that was being spread about Adrienne, and actually blames her sisterKyle Richards for even asking Brandi what the drama was with Maloof. 

Sigh, yeah, so much to keep up with. And we still don't know what the heck this "bombshell" information is (ugh).

For the first time, maybe ever, Mauricio actually lets loose and openly says he doesn't like Brandi and is pissed for what happened after his wife told him she was inviting the girls to a dinner party to show off her new dining room. We never see Mauricio get fired up—it's kinda hot.

Meanwhile, Lisa Vanderpump invited Brandi over to get an overview of what happened. A shaken up Glanville filled her in and told Vanderpump know that a story about her being a party animal was published the next day on RadarOnline, and she felt that Adrienne and Paul Nassif were behind it. Brandi openly said she was afraid of what was to come from those two, but also said she would continue sticking up for herself and that things could get a lot worse. Ooooh

And then it was the night of the dinner party, which Brandi decided to attend but Adrienne didn't. So no drama, right?! Pffft, have you watched this show?

(P.S: Yolanda Hadid, the workout fiend, was out of town for Donna Summer's funeral and Kim was in Las Vegas for her son's 21st birthday, which Kyle claimed she wasn't invited to. Ouch.)

Before the first plate was placed on the table, the group started discussing what was going on between Brandi and Adrienne. Kyle's friend Faye Resnick, who clearly stated that she's not a huge fan of Brandi's, started grilling Glanville about what's going on and what she should do.

Brandi's response? "She should just shut the f--k up"—said during her one-on-one interview, though. 

Then Lisa and Kyle got into it a bit, because Vanderpump felt Faye suggesting to Brandi to send apology flowers to Adrienne was uncalled for, and Kyle felt she was just sticking up for Glanville because she doesn't like Adrienne, either. Finger-waving and talking over each other galore. But it still wasn't over yet.

Newcomer and another friend of Kyle's, Marisa Zanuck, actually stood up for Brandi, whom she just met that night, which didn't sit well with Faye. Resnick continued to give her two cents to Brandi about the way she handles herself.

The fact that neither of these ladies actually know each other well didn't really take into effect, although it was brought up continuously, and it got to a point where Glanville just got fed up and left.

Another dinner party from hell in the books.

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