Is Studio 60 Really Over? Bradley Whitford Breaks the "News"

By Kristin Veitch Jun 08, 2007 8:09 PMTags
Bradley WhitfordNBC/Mitch Haaseth

Morning, tubers! I chatted up Bradley Whitford last night at the opening of the Davante Eyewear boutique. The store was hosting a charity bash for Clothes Off Our Back, which Brad cofounded with his lovely wife Jane Kaczmarek—and I've got bad news for some of you, but at least it's funny bad news. And at least it'll make you love Whitford all the more.

Brad brings the hammer down:

I still get a lot of email from Studio 60 fans asking if the show is coming back, and I don't have the heart to tell them no. Can you tell them for me?
Uh, yeah...They took Old Yeller behind the barn.

And he's not coming back.
He's not coming back! But he's in a better place.

What do you think happened?
Look, I think it's a miracle to be able to do a TV show, to get one on the air. It takes a million different things to come together to make a show a hit. Something just didn't happen, but it was a great group of people. I loved the people I worked with, I miss them, I miss Matthew a lot. And I had a lot of fun doing it. 

Do you think the cost of the show was a factor in the network's decision?
I'm sure it was. The cost of doing that kind of show is prohibitive unless you have massive ratings, and we didn't have 'em. 

What's next for you?
I'm shaking my Etch A Sketch.

Right. I was actually not looking to do a show right after West Wing, so I'm looking forward to a break.

And what do you hear about the rest of the cast and crew scattered to the winds? What might they be doing next?
I think Matthew is working at a Jamba Juice in New York.

There you have it, folks. Matthew Perry is slinging smoothies, Bradley Whitford is going to spend more time with his babies and making art out of lead lines, and Studio 60 is gone for good. Feel free to pay your respects below.

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin