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Dressing for the holidays is simple. At least, you'd think it'd be simple: Throw on some bling, steer clear of flashing antler headbands and, before you know it, you're in the clear until next December.

But no. Every year, it seems that some people—cough LeAnn Rimes cough—need to be held up and thrashed with boughs of holly over fashion choices that are about as tasteful as holiday fruitcakes. Then again, there were also a few stars who gave us hope for Christmases future this season.

So what have we learned, exactly? Let's get started with our official list of holiday do's and don't's.

1. Don't try to dress like your kindergartner. Santa sees right through that crap, Katie Holmes.

Ellie Kemper

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2. Do indulge in a complementary top-to-toe color.

Amanda Seyfried

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3. Do wear a dress with so much gold that it weighs more than Amanda Seyfried.

Dakota Johnson, Hot Pics

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4. Don't risk getting mistaken for one of Santa's elves. It won't end well.

Lindsay Lohan


5. Do photograph yourself in a bathing suit on the beach with a Santa hat.

LeAnn Rimes, Twitter


6. Don't do the sexy Santa thing. Ever.

Lea Michele

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7. Do try and look happy if you have a great stylist. There are ugly, poorly dressed children around the world crying right now.

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