Celeb of the Year: Hitmakers R4

Some swan songs have officially been sung in the E! Celeb of the Year tournament.

In what ended up being the most intense round of voting yet, two Hitmakers left the competition, leaving two more remaining. And one songstress is starting to appear unstoppable. The pop divas vying for the crown now? Lana Del Rey vs. Britney Spears.

We cannot stress how close the results of the previous round were. Lana, the indie darling behind hits such as "Video Games," beat Mother Monster herself, Lady Gaga, by less than one-tenth of a percentage point. And The X Factor judge knocked out Adele by less than one percentage point.

And now you must choose again: Which singer will make it to the quarterfinals?!

2012 Hitmakers 4.1
Game 4.1

If Britney or Lana isn't your choice, don't forget you can still can still vote in a wild-card pick on Twitter! Elect either an already-eliminated celeb or someone who never made it in the tournament to begin with and four lucky stars will find their way into the quarterfinals!

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