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Sarah in Syracuse, New York: Wow, the House finale was definitely different and kind of a downer. Do you have any scoop on which of the ducklings is coming back next season? Thanks!
How nutty was that cliffhanger?! So, so good. I spoke with Jennifer Morrison last week about her videogame Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars (say that three times fast!), and we also discussed the future of House. She told me, "The way things end it leaves room for everything to get really changed up next season, in a good way, I think. The three of us have been under House for three years, and in real life, a fellowship can only last two years, so it's time to kind of see what that means." Then she added, "I'd love to no longer be called a duckling!" And yeah, ducklings do grow up and turn into ducks...but I, personally, have a very strong hunch we'll see House and all the ducks back next season.

Samson in Chicago: Do you know if Lucy Lawless might be coming back to Battlestar for the final season?
First, check out our Q&A with Battlestar's bosses if you haven't yet! As for L.L. (not to be confused with Lindsay or Cool J), I've heard from sources that producers have approached her to return, and according to executive producer Ron Moore: "It’s possible. It’s in the planning stages but nothing firm." The good news is that Lawless' pilot—Football Wives—was not picked up by ABC. And trust me, that's a very good thing.

Kyle in Columbia, Missouri: I've been hearing rumors that Kathy Griffin might replace Rosie's vacant chair on The View. What have you heard?

I'm hearing she's most definitely one of three front-runners. However, I'm also told they're really looking for someone to play the moderator role, à la Meredith Vieira, so I'm not sure Kathy fits that bill. And my colleague Marc Malkin hears this. Still, personally, I'd love for K.G. to get it. I worked with her a few times on E!'s red carpet and love her like a sister from another mister.

Heather in Washington D.C.: In today's Vine show, you tell us that a certain castmember on Lost is on the outs with most of the other castmembers. Please, please reassure me that you're not referring to Naveen Andrews or Terry O'Quinn!
I am not.

Cory in Homeworth, Ohio: Tell me, please, who is it on Lost that had a falling out with the rest of the cast? Will this affect their character or story at all?
Ding, ding, ding! It already has! There was a pivotal line during a scene on the beach near the end of one of the last few episodes. It was very telling about what's happening behind the scenes. (Feel free to post your theories below.)

Marcia in São Paulo, Brazil: Any chance of Rodrigo Santoro returning to Lost?
Just for you, Marcia Marcia Marcia, I asked Rodrigo this very question at last week's BlackBerry Curve event. He told me he loved doing the show and working with Kiele Sanchez: "Kiele's very sweet!" And would he go back if asked? "I think so. It's all about what they come up with—everything's possible, everything can happen. And I wouldn't be upset if I had to go to Hawaii for a little bit..." Eu também, Rodrigo!

Stefanie in Brooklyn, New York: Do you know how Studio 60 has been doing over the last two weeks? Since they are playing all-new episodes, is there more of an audience?
Sadly, no. Upon its return the week before last, S60 pulled in a pathetic 3.9 million viewers. I’m afraid the fat lady has sung on this one. Sorry, guys.

Kyla from Orlando: Summer TV just isn't the same as the regular season, but I do get my pleasures here and there. What's coming up on my fave show of the summer, The 4400?
Yay! So glad you asked. Executive producer Ira Behr just had a sit-down with a few of us reporter types and we got to watch the season premiere, which is fantastic and really kind of funny, too! So much season-four scoop was dished that we’re currently trying to squeeze it all into a blog item chock-full of 4400 goodness. Stay tuned!

Kristine in Arlington, Virginia: I wanted to take a moment to express my disgust for the CW. Um, hello? They cancel all of the shows worth watching. Please, a moment of silence for Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, 7th Heaven and Reba. The icing on the cake: the CW's craptacular fall schedule. Need I say more?

Linnea in Houston: I can't wait for another season of Jack Bauer and am already craving 24!
I ran into Donald Sutherland at the BlackBerry Curve launch party last Thursday night and asked him if there had been any further discussion of him appearing on the show. Donald told me, "Kiefer asked me to play his dad, but then I couldn't because I was committed to so many other things." Sure, but there are many more seasons to come..."Right, but only one dad!" Awww, touché.

Jo in New York: Do you have any news on Desperate Housewives?
Saw Marcia Cross at the BlackBerry Curve event, and let me tell you, she is completely smokin' hot after giving birth (that bitch). I prodded for Desperate Housewives scoop, but I think she's been too blissed out on her babies to pry for info from producers. "We go back July 9, and I'm there full time. That's all I know!"

Jeri in Monterey, California: I loved Sons of Hollywood! Sean Stewart...well, there are no words for him, but I loved David Weintraub and Randy Spelling, and I want 'em back on my TV ASAP!
I've spoken with both Randy and David at recent events, and you're right—they're great. At the BlackBerry Curve event, I asked Mr. Weintraub if there was any word on a season two for SOH, and he said, "Unfortunately, if we do a season two, it will not be with our beloved A&E, but it will be with another network that we're in negotiations with. The same cast will come back if we do just a Sons of Hollywood 2, but I also have three other shows I'm producing." Mmm, the possibilities for debauchery could be endless. Whoo!

Dawn in Mebane, North Carolina: Any word on the new TNT show Saving Grace? Worth watching?
Yes, sorry, we forgot all about Saving Grace in the big Summer TV Bible, for which I truly shall repent! Holly Hunter is starring on the small screen (whodathunkit, right?) playing a hard-driving detective, and the show looks awesome.


Nicole in Hampstead, Maryland: What the heck is going to happen in the series finale of The Sopranos? Does Tony get whacked? Does he turn state's evidence and go into the Witness Protection Program? Is Adriana really dead? Could she have the last laugh on Sunday night?
I’m pretty sure Adriana’s as dead as a doorknob, but nice thought. No, all I can say about next Sunday is I’m hearing that Phil Leotardo is the one who should be sleeping (and eating and traveling) with a rifle, not Tony...

Mary in Bishop, California: Any more Nip/Tuck news? I need something to tide me over!
I’m hearing one of the boys is approached to pose for Playgirl! Please, J.C., let it be J.M.! (That's Jesus Christ in the first reference, Julian McMahon in the second, for you trying to keep up with my sick mind.)

James in Memphis, Tennessee: Any chance of Jayma Mays returning to Heroes?
There's no telling, since her pilot didn't "go," but don't give up all hope on Hiro Nakamura's love life yet. Masi Oka tells me, "In season two, though, there'll definitely be something [romantic]." And on the subject of Hiro’s love life, I can tell you that the possibilities are opening up as we speak! Last week, I was told the producers have written in a new recurring character they're calling Princess Keriyama. She first appears in the season premiere and I'm hearing she's a sexy little Japanese thing. I can just hear Hiro's reaction now: Yatta!

Ricky in Vidalia, California: I love Adrian Pasdar so much! Do you have any Heroes scoop about his character, Nathan Petrelli?
Adrian tells me of Nathan in season two, "I think there's gonna be a little bit of a journey of redemption for the sins of past, for his association with people who are probably less than good. I think there's gonna be some climbing up the moral ladder. He's gonna have to do a little bit of work."

Rhiannon in Crown Point, Indiana: Has everyone forgotten about Christopher Eccleston on Heroes? He is one of my favorite actors, and I was so excited to see him on Heroes, but he's been absent and no spoilers ever talk about him.
Don't worry—no one has forgotten about him, least of all the producers. Creator Tim Kring says of a possible Invisible Claude return, "We're not making it official, but the truth is we would love to have Christopher back. We are going to pursue it with the hopes we can do it."

From Jane in New Haven, Connecticut: Any news on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia?
Yep, I’m hearing that when the show returns later this summer (FX, I'm eagerly awaiting a return date!) the oh so talented Dennis takes up clothing design this season...although I’m hearing only really desperate hookers would be caught wearing his creations. However, the gang is totally behind Dennis’ new dream, and to turn it into a moneymaking venture, they will open up a sweatshop and employ underage workers. Oh, and more scoop just in: Charlie gets engaged this season! I wonder what the other Salingers and Kirsten will think!? Oh, wait...Wrong show.

From Sandy in Oregon: On Lost, what will happen to Desmond after Charlie's death?
Excellent question! And I have the answer from the man who knows bestest—Damon Lindelof. He tells me, "Desmond will have to deal with the aftereffects and the guilt of it. He will question whether or not Charlie would have made this sacrifice had he not told him that it was what he was going to do. He will question the role he played in Charlie’s death." So, it sounds like big sexy Dezzie is haunted by Charlie's passing, as many of us fans are!

Beanie in Tampa, Florida: My Boys is only a month away. Scoop me, mama!
Mama's always at your service, Beanie-baby. Expect lots of Stephanie and P.J. goodness this summer: The two girls of Boys buy two-for-one plane tickets to Italy, planning ahead to take a vacation with the boyfriends they fully intend to have picked up by the end of season. Stephanie lucks out on that front, but P.J.? Not so much. Also, our dear Andy goes through a midlife crisis after moving to the suburbs with Mrs. Andy, and Mike's new boss is Kenny! Mike joins the team at the sports memorabilia store. I'm not altogether sure that's going to work for Kenny, though.

Frances in Corpus Christi, Texas: I am really missing My Boys. Can you give us any ideas as to what's happening with P.J.'s love life?
Keep studying your romantic geometry textbooks, folks, because P.J.-Bobby-Brendan are still very much a triangle. I chatted up three of the Boys at the Paddle Jam charity event for St. Jude Hospital, and Reid Scott told me, "I think people who were interested in the whole Brendan-P.J. thing from the finale are really going to like the first episode out. We get right to it." I asked Kyle Howard about a possible future for Bobby and P.J., and he said, "Maybe...I guess we'll go with maybe. That hasn't really been addressed again since the finale." And when might it be addressed? "I guess it depends on how long [the show] lasts, you know what I mean?"

Zoe in Los Angeles: Can you give us some scoop on the third season of Prison Break?
I ran into the darling Amaury Nolasco at the BlackBerry Curve event and asked him what he wanted for Sucre in season three. He said, "I wanna find my girl! And my baby, so..." So, the good news is he most definitely is back!

Kelley from Walnut Creek, California: Degrassi!
Looks like it's soon-to-be splitsville for Ellie and Jesse. I'm also hearing that Emma and Sean's relationship is going to the next level, and her stepdad, Snake, accidentally catches Emma buying birth control.

Cynthia in Hermosa Beach: Is Cam coming back to Bones next year?
Tamara Taylor is back as a regular in season three. Show creator Hart Hanson says, "We are keeping Tamara! We did not kill Cam, you'll notice. She got to be really popular, so we can't kill her—and she's so beautiful!" The original plan was to bring her on and then off her in ep six, but she gelled so well with the cast that her death was pushed back to ep 13, and so on. As for Cam's future, Tamara Taylor has some ideas: "I'd like a love interest, if I could just put that out there. Because the whole triangle, while good, you have to add more nuance, you have to add more layers to it."

Sally in Apple Valley, California: Any dish on season three of Bones?
Zack returns from Iraq for season three, but he may be a changed, more mature man. As executive producer Stephen Nathan quips about this so-called maturity, "Yeah, he'll be about 20 years older and have a beard!"

Mari in Los Angeles: Please, please give me some info on Tina Majorino and Amanda Seyfried's characters on Big Love. This will really help in my post-Veronica Mars cancellation depression. What are your spies telling you?
My spies are saying we see plenty more of Amanda and Tina this season on B.Lo! Whee! Amanda’s character, Sarah, is so over polygamy and, unbeknownst to her family, joins an ex-polygamist support group where she meets and makes friends with an older guy. And remember crazy Rhonda who wanted to move in with the Henricksons permanently? She actually ends up leaving the compound to live with Heather Tuttle’s (Tina Majorino) family! But not before she gets herself into some trouble with a few boys back at Juniper Creek!

—Additional reporting by WWK superheroes Korbi Ghosh, Jennifer Godwin and Michael Berner (also known as Manna White)

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