Taylor Swift Celebrates 23rd Birthday With Harry Styles in a Super-Sweet Way

Exclusive! One Direction singer surprises his ladylove with 23 cupcakes and takes her on a romantic getaway around the English countryside

By Sharareh Drury, Melanie Bromley Dec 13, 2012 11:01 PMTags
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Harry Styles found a rather romantic way to acknowledge ladylove Taylor Swift's 23rd birthday on Thursday—by buying her 23 cupcakes!

The One Direction star was a "genuine, down-to-earth, funny, easy-going guy," when he came in this morning," Matt Blakey, co-owner of Chapelford Village's Custom Cupcake Company told E! News.

Blakey said "a lady called us asking if we could supply some cupcakes. I told her we were busting at the seams because of the holidays. She said it was for Harry Styles, and I said, 'Oh, OK, cool. Send him along.'"

The co-owner added that the woman who had called said she needed 23 cupcakes. Blakey told her that while they normally only do a box of 24, they could do the 23 and just leave one out.

"Later, I got a phone call from my wife that Harry Styles was standing on the doorstep," Blakey said. "I didn't think he would come to pick them up."

Blakey also told E! News that the 23 cupcakes were a variety of flavors and styles. For example, the company makes bubble gum cupcakes with a bubble gum center and bubble gum frosting. He added that their company has done things for the X Factor and even makes cupcake cocktails, such as putting vodka jelly in them.

It was only after Styles picked up the order that Blakey surfed the web "and saw it was his girlfriend's birthday today and she's 23." In other words, neither he nor his wife actually knew the cupcakes were for Swift until after the fact.

Speaking of Swift turning another year older, Styles continued to make sure it was a day for the Grammy winner to remember.

Later in the afternoon, the couple left the private home in the north of England they are staying at and took a drive around the English countryside, a source told E! News. Styles was driving his Range Rover and he took Swift to his local golf club to have a look around. They then stopped for gas. After, the two noticed they were being followed by a pap on a motorbike. They obviously felt sorry for him, though, and brought him a coffee so he could warm up.

They then drove to a quaint little village called Great Budworth and stopped at the cozy George & Dragon Pub for a bite to eat. After staying there for just over an hour, Swift and Styles could be seen laughing and joking as they headed out and drove off.

Sounds like the whole day was pretty, well, sweet.

(Originally published Dec. 13, 2012, at 12:46 p.m. PT)