Patrick Dempsey, Ellen Pompeo, Grey's Anatomy


Neve Campbell makes her Seattle Grace debut tonight on Grey's Anatomy, and we stopped by the set for her first day!

"It's a character they've been thinking about for a while," Neve said of playing Derek's sister Lizzie Shepherd. Any Scream junkie knows this isn't Neve and Patrick Dempsey's first time working together. "It's just funny because we played pseudo love interests [in Scream 3] now we are brother and sister!"

So what can we expect from Neve's character?

"She's a little mouthy and opinionated, but for good reason," Campbell spilled "She likes to give her brother a hard time which is fun…but there is love in the end."

Derek isn't the only one Lizzie is going to give a hard time.

"Lizzie feels that Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) has not been as open to Derek's family as she should have been. There is some resentment the family has not met Zola yet, so Lizzie is very excited about the opportunity [to come to Seattle]," Neve says in our interview below.

Ellen told us about what it was like bringing one of Derek's sisters to Seattle Grace: "[Derek] has had a couple of surgeries and has been looking for fixes for his hand and we think this is going to be the one. Clearly there are writing challenges if [Derek] can't operate. We're getting toward the middle of the season so we're going to have to get him back in the OR to get him some storyline."

Watch the video below for tons more scoop from Ellen and our chat with Patrick Dempsey.

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