Track Palin, Sarah Palin, Britta Palin

Courtesy of Palin Family

Life continues to be a trip for the Palin family, but this time the drama surrounds Sarah's eldest son, Track Palin.

The 23-year-old commercial fisherman and his wife Britta are divorcing after 18 months of marriage, E! News confirms.

The former couple filed for divorce in Alaska on Dec. 1, and a dissolution was granted. They have a one-year-old daughter, Kyla

The son of the former vice presidential candidate and his now ex-wife have settled all matters related to child support, property and custody.

Track is the eldest of five Palin siblings: Bristol, 22, Willow, 17, Piper, 11, and 2-year-old Trig.

—Reporting by Baker Machado 

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