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The SAG Award nominations were announced this morning, bright and early. And now that you've had your coffee (or, in our case, that ray of sunshine Busy Philipps being a human caffeine boost) it's time to scrutinize every name in every category. Because these could be your future Oscar winners as well.

But don't analyze them too much, because who the heck knows what will happen, right? Probably Nate Silver, we guess. But we're making snap predictions right now, revealing who will take home trophies at the 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. We do the hard work so you don't have to.

And Sally Field, you might want to take a peek before you start writing your acceptance speech.

Male Actor, Lead: Daniel Day-Lewis, Lincoln

The nominations were pretty much who we expected them to be (with the exception of Denzel Washington nabbing a spot meant for, say, the kid from The Impossible). But none of that matters because Daniel will sweep this season.

Female Actor, Lead: Jessica Chastain, Zero Dark Thirty

Similarly, the glorious Ms. Chastain will win every Best Actress trophy handed out this awards season, taking cues from another Jessica: American Horror Story super-winner Lange. It's owed to her after she was robbed for The Help. Just sayin'.

Male Actor, Supporting: Tommy Lee Jones, Lincoln

For Javier Bardem, it really will be an honor just to be nominated for his awesome-yet-maybe-not-awardworthy turn in Skyfall. Instead, this one will go to Tommy, for his fiery performance in Lincoln (the only one that came close to being on par with Day-Lewis).

Female Actor, Supporting: Anne Hathaway, Les Misérables

We like you, Sally Field. We really like you. But start practicing your facial expressions for when you lose now, because Anne will take home The Actor (and a few more too). That said, Sally will have a better shot at going against Catwoman herself for the Oscar.

Cast in a Motion Picture: Les Misérables

This one will come down to a battle between Lincoln and Les Mis (sorry, Best Exotic Marigold Hotel). And, despite wins in two individual categories for the political film, this one will go to Mis. And they will all look so pretty onstage together.

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