Homeland, Damian Lewis, Claire Danes


It's that time again. Award season! How else will these beautiful and talented people know just how adored they are?

This morning, Busy Phillips and Taye Diggs announced the nominations for the Screen Actors Guild Awards, and on the TV side they were pretty much what we expected. Nods were showered down on Modern Family, Homeland, Downton Abbey, and other shows beloved by all. However, there were a few nominations (or lack thereof) that caused some serious eye-rolling on our part.

The Good:

Homeland Honored: The Showtime series everyone is talking about was ignored last year by the SAG, so we were happy to see a truly killer season two, plus Damien Lewis and Claire Danes, get nominations. And just in time for the finale!

Amy Poehler Gets Some Love: By now, you should know how much we love Parks and Recreation, so any recognition it gets will always be a pleasant surprise. Poehler grabbed a nomination for playing Leslie Knope, but Parks and Rec didn't appear in the Comedy Ensemble category, which is just a travesty. The reason that show is so wonderful is because it balances that giant cast so effortlessly.

Yes, Nurse Jackie! Usually Edie Falco is the only one who gets award season love for the Showtime comedy, but slowly but surely, nominations are starting to trickle in for other people. Merritt Wever got an Emmy nod this year, as did Bobby Cannavale. This is the first year the SAG has nominated the show in the Comedy Ensemble category, and we love them for it.

The Bad:

No Nod for Lena Dunham: Seems like everyone was in love with Girls and Dunham this year. Apparently not.

No Nod for Michael C. Hall, Either: Hall usually gets nominated for his portrayal of everyone's favorite serial killer on Dexter, and this has been one of the best seasons yet.

American Horror Story: Asylum Snubbed for Ensemble: Yet another odd snub. This year's cast is a cornucopia of crazy-talented thesps of all ages, and the material they've had to work with has been intense, to say the very least. We thought after getting passed over last year they would surely get the nod this time around. Nope.

The What?!

Emmy Winners Snubbed: Julie Bowen and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, both 2012 Emmy winners in the comedy category, were very noticeably missing this morning. How did that happen?!

Game of Thrones Locked Out of Ensemble: After two amazing seasons, GoT is still without a nomination in the Drama Ensemble category. Pretty soon, fans are going to send white walkers after them

Hugh Laurie's Last Chance: He's been nominated every year since 2006, winning twice, but the SAG can't find anything in House's emotional and gripping final season to give him one final nod? Criminal. 

Your turn! Which nominations pleasantly surprised you, or irritated you, the most?

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