Wiz Khalifa, Amber Rose

Kirkland/PictureGroup via AP IMAGES

Amber Rose is happy and healthy in her third trimester.

But fiancé Wiz Khalifa revealed Saturday on Hot 107.9's radio show that the model suffered a miscarriage just before her current pregnancy.

"Her first pregnancy was like right before [her current pregnancy], and it was unexpected," the rapper said. "Right when we found out she was pregnant she lost the baby."

"I was like, 'F that, I want a baby,'" Wiz said. "And she got pregnant again—like right away."

But the second time around, Wiz said he and Amber "didn't want to say anything about it until her second trimester and everything was good."

And now, as Amber approaches her due date, Wiz couldn't be more excited. "I can't wait," the daddy-to-be gushed. "Every time we go to the doctor, he tells us how healthy the baby is, how perfect her pregnancy has been, and literally has just inspired me to be the best dad," the rapper gushed. "I have this little ball of joy coming into the world, I gotta show right for him."

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