Lauren Scruggs Talks About Horrific Accident, Feeling "Fearful" Beforehand

Model who lost her hand and an eye when she was hit by a plane propeller opens up in a sit-down with E! News' Giuliana Rancic

By Natalie Finn Dec 12, 2012 3:23 AMTags

Lauren Scruggs says she doesn't know why she felt so inexplicably fearful on the day she lost her left hand and eye in an accident last year. (Before the accident, that is.)

She just did.

"I didn't know why, because I don't usually have fear like that," Scruggs tells E! News' Giuliana Rancic, recalling how she felt on the plane ride home to Texas. "I just remember being in it and kind of grabbing on to the side of the seat and praying.

"I just remember getting off of the plane and my feet touching the ground, and that's all I remember."

Scruggs, 24, doesn't remember what happened next because she had been struck by the propeller of the plane.

"I ran outside and I could see Lauren lying face-down on the ground," said her mom Cheryl, who teared up thinking about it. "She wasn't moving, she was lying in a pool of blood—I mean, it was all around her. All I had at that moment was God."

"As I started praying for her she started to make some sounds that I had never heard out of a human being," Cheryl recalled. "But that was a blessing because I realized she was alive."

"I remember waking up at the hospital, probably two weeks after, and saying, 'Why am I here?'" Scruggs told Rancic, noting that it was her twin sister Brittany who explained what had happened.

And it turns out that Brittany, too, had a premonition that something bad was going to happen to her other half.

"Before the accident, she felt that I was going to die," Scruggs revealed. "She didn't tell me that because that would freak me out. And then the accident happened."

And when the doctors were attempting to save the model's left eye, Brittany's eye "was twitching every couple of seconds for two weeks."

"She's always been kind of my protector, she'd come from work and just sit with me...and I would feel that everything was OK."

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