Celeb of the Year: News Makers R3

So long, Honey Boo Boo child. We hardly knew you! Well, actually, with all the farting and spilled cheese puffs, we knew you and your family too well. But either way, everyone's favorite pageant queen has officially been eliminated from the E! Celeb of the Year tournament.

Sixteen of the most newsworthy stars of 2012 duked it out in an NCAA-style bracket and eight were eliminated after the first round. Round 2 knocked out 4 more. Which leaves us with the Final Four, still going strong on their go-go juice.

So who was it that dominated our poor departed Boo Boo? That'd be Miss Miley Cyrus, with her edgy new haircut and penchant for performing with strippers and porn stars. But is she edgy enough to take on naked Vegas party boy Prince Harry?

And in what's shaped up to be a political pairing of sorts, President Barack Obama (who defeated our own Kim Kardashian) will take on the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Things could get very, very uncivil.

But two more newsmakers are about to fall off the front page. The choice is yours!

2012 Newsmakers 3.1
Game 3.1

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2012 Newsmakers 3.2
Game 3.2

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