Snoop Dogg

Jeff Vespa/Getty Images

Roll up the blunts and break out the Jingle Bells! Snoop Lion (née Dogg) is taking on Santa Claus.

The "Gangsta Love" star poses as Moses in a bizarre new video featured on the Epic Rap Battles of History channel on YouTube in which he attempts to break down the biggest holiday feud of all time: Santa Claus vs. Moses.

No, seriously. 

A few winning lines from the cheerful tune?

"I'm from the North Pole that's why my rhymes are so cold/I spit diamonds but I'm serving up some fresh coal," Mr. Claus raps while bringing a little thug life to Santa's lane.

"You ain't a saint you a slaver like a pharaoh in the snow/stop with the unpaid labor and let my little people go," Snoop sings while rocking his Moses garb.

Cue a few key lyrics from the not-so-jolly elves and even more ridiculous rhymes from the top Dogg and Mr. Claus. 

Trust, this is one holiday video you do not want to miss. 

Stay thug, Santa. 

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