Liv Tyler, Cody Horn

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In theory, Liv Tyler's New York The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey premiere look should work for us. She's wearing just enough blush to keep us from mistaking her for Marilyn Manson, the black jacket adds the perfect touch of structure and the Tabitha Simmons Ruby heels and matching lipstick add a sophisticated bit of la-di-dah.

And, yet, no. Just, no. Not when you compare her look to that of stealth contender Cody Horn, who wore a pitch-perfect Thakoon with complementary Christian Louboutin heels to the same event. It's her look we want...pronto.

Could Horn's makeup have used a bit more elven magic? Maybe. But the rest of the outfit is everything we love: It takes a risk. It pulls it off. And it gives us something unexpected in a winter season otherwise choked with floor-length satin and over-bedazzled everything.

Hats off to Horn, especially when you consider that she isn't even in the film. Now that is one sneaky fashionista.

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