Celeb of the Year

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From 64 contenders to 32, the race for E! Celeb of the Year is a bona fide bloodbath!

The celebrities vying for the title have all had quite the year, what with their blockbuster success, tabloid drama or (for a few) Grammy nominations! We paired off the Leading Ladies, the Hitmakers, the Leading Men and the Newsmakers in NCAA-style brackets and the pool is about to get cut again.

So, make sure you vote.

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As for the results so far, this shouldn't be a shock: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are still dominating the competition (over Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stone, respectively). It's a much closer call for everyone else!

With such big stars at this point, there's no clear winner. Will Miley Cyrus knock out Honey Boo Boo? She's a pageant queen, for TLC's sake! Will Anne Hathaway K.O. The Hunger Games Jennifer Lawrence?

And could dark horse Lana Del Rey best Nicki Minaj and eventually win this whole competition?! You go Lana Del Rey!

Only you can decide:

Vote for Your Favorite Leading Ladies in Round 2!

Vote for Your Favorite Hitmakers in Round 2!

Vote for Your Favorite Leading Men in Round 2!

Vote for Your Favorite Newsmaker in Round 2!

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