Steven Spielberg

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

To quote from one of his most iconic film characters, it's not the years, Steven Spielberg, it's the mileage. (Thanks, Indy!)

The Oscar-winning filmmaker celebrates his 66th birthday today and while he's no longer the Hollywood wunderkind of the '70s and '80s, Spielberg has proven he's still got that cinematic Midas touch—just look at the raves he's been getting for his latest drama, Lincoln.

Throughout his decades-long career, the director has crafted some of the most indelible movie memories of all time—the battle between man and beast (Jaws); the tale of a boy and his alien buddy (E.T.); the adventures of a globetrotting archaeologist hero searching for fortune and glory (the Indiana Jones quadrilogy).

Along the way, Spielberg's not only become one of of Tinseltown's most revered figures, but also a studio mogul in his own right with the ongoing success of DreamWorks.

So in honor of Steven's big day, we've put together a gallery of some of our favorite films. Mr. Spielberg, we salute you!

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