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TGIF, y'all!

Cheers to the (almost) weekend, TV lovers. To celebrate, how about a round of spoilers from some of your favorite TV shows on us? We know, we know, we're awesome.

In today's Spoiler Chat, we've got scoop on a Glee fan favorite's absence...and what will happen when they return to McKinley, and the return of a season one favorite on New Girl. (Hint: It keeps with the drinking theme of today's column!) Plus, we've also got juicy spoilers on Scandal's latest big mystery, Max's new love interest on Happy Endings and more...

Adrianne in Los Angeles: Where has Mr. Schue been on Glee? Will Finn be the new coach of New Directions?
"Finn is not taking over glee club," Matthew Morrison assures us. "I'm on this little break, but I don't know how long it's going to last. But they assure me that I will be back." Still, he has to feel a little nervous that Finn is taking over right? "No, I'm not," he says with a laugh. Confident Mr. Schue is confident. If he does get ousted for some reason, Morrison has backup plans. "That would be kind of cool if my character moved to New York. Or stayed in D.C, hanging out with Obama…it'd be fun!"

Irene in Seattle: It's almost the weekend! Let's celebrate with New Girl scoop!
Something wonderful is returning to New Girl this season. No, not someone. Something. Most would call it a treasure. Others say it is the best thing to come out of a television series ever. Want to know what it is? Your answer is right here. Bonus scoop: This time around, the gang puts a special twist on it!

Rachel in Boston: Love that Mindy Project got a WGA nomination. It is my favorite comedy right now. Can I get Jeremy scoop? I adore him.
Do you remember how in the pilot Danny basically called Mindy fat? Well in episode 13, the charming Jeremy will be doing the same thing, just not to Mindy. Before you get all up in arms about it, he has a medical reason. Jeremy has to tell an expectant mother that he's concerned about her weight, and of course he is scared to death to do it. However, this situation will cause Jeremy and Mindy to share a sweet moment, so fans of those two can look forward to that.

Scandal, Cast

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Terry: Last night's Scandal was sooo good! I need scoop now!
Kerry Washington
stayed mum on spoilers about who shot Fitz, but she did offer up this little tease about the midseason finale: "You will get more information than you have now, but you will also have more questions." And then we have to wait forever for new episodes in 2013? Damn you, Scandal!

Julia M.: Thanks for the Jim-Pam spoiler. I've been shipping them since the pilot. Any chance a longtime fan of Jam can get a bit more scoop?
Sure, but we warn you, you might not like it. We asked Jenna Fisher how she would want Jim and Pam's story to end on The Office, and this is what she had to say. "You can have a happy ending and not have it be the happy ending that you thought your life was going to have, right?" she says to us. "Life is full of surprises, and I think their story is still full of surprises too." Ominous, no? Let's hope The Office writers are prepared for mutiny if they do anything to destroy Jim and Pam's marriage.

Zach: Happy Endings or New Girl spoilers!
We pick…Happy Endings! Max starts dating someone, and we think the new couple will have real potential. Just kidding, Max starts dating a girl, and we use the term dating loosely because it's basically accidental. However, they do go on a date and we cannot wait for the moment where Max has to tell her that he's into dudes. That episode is happening in the second half of the season, which means it's too far away for us.

Elliot: Anything on the new season of Justified?     
We were going to tell you what we know, but then we decided that everything is much better when Timothy Olyphant's face is involved, so just watch the season four trailer! It has scoop, footage and the gloriousness of Olyphant's face.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins

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