Givency Model, Anne Hathaway

Givency; Stuart Wilson/Getty Images

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Look, this could be worse. When Givenchy first presented this white satin number last year, it came with a couture pacifier-slash-nose-knocker and a pair of chandelier earrings that doubled as actual chandeliers.

Does that fact make Anne Hathaway's version of the dress acceptable in comparison? No, no it does not—fondant and nonpareils are for wedding cakes, not people celebrating the premiere of Les Misérables.

Well, OK, that's a lie, this dress is not made of sugar. Come on. Like Hathaway would ever let so many calories come that close to her.

But here's a fun fact: The sleeves fold out, allowing Hathaway to glide around like a flying squirrel when the paps aren't looking.

OK, that's a lie too, we're just trying to find at least one reason why someone would wear this dress out of the house. We have failed.

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