John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John: 12 Things We Love About Their Must-Watch New Christmas Video

Former Grease lovers reunite in a bizarre, Christmas-esque music video

By John Boone Dec 05, 2012 9:24 PMTags

Danny Zuko and Sandy are back! John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John released a video for their song "I Think You Might Like It" (off their holiday duets album, This Christmas) that has a sort-of retro Grease vibe to it. If everyone in Grease acted like they'd never shot a movie before, kept talking about "making love" and the whole movie was shot with a toaster.

Naming the song "I Think You Might Like It" was the duo's first mistake though. Because we don't. We love it.

Here is everything we love about it:

1. We love that John Travolta just randomly laughs to himself while he's flying! What's so funny, John? Ya big goofball!

2. We love that we're pretty sure this is how he enters every room.

3. We love that John still wears a wallet chain. Run, John! Run away from fashion trends post-1995! You don't need them, you stylish, retro bastard!

4. We love this.

5. And we love that this is apparently the two of them after they've just had sex? Excuse us, we mean after they were "making love all night" and then cry while watching It's a Wonderful Life. Which is only weird because Travolta's wife Kelly Preston is also in the video.

Here she is dancing with a toddler. Which brings us to...

6. We love that dancing toddler. Like, no sarcasm, he's awesome and adorable. And has some pretty sweet moves for a baby.

7. We love this old man head-butting his wife because he loves her so much (we think).

8. We love the gripping, emotional rollercoaster this soldier experiences when he arrives at the airport (or post office?) and isn't greeted by his waiting family.

9. We love the cop who decides to hug him. (We really couldn't tell if the two were related, they didn't seem to notice each other and there weren't too many people in that post office airport, or if the cop was just standing there and decided that soldier looks like he needs a hug).

10. We love that this is how their story ends.

11. And how everybody's story ends! Look at that soldier in the middle go! He isn't letting any other cop-hugging soldier steal his spotlight! And look at that grandpa trying to grind on the grandma in the background! The holiday spirit is alive!

12. Speaking of dancing, we love that Sandy and Danny haven't lost their groove, all these years later.

So basically, Mr. Travolta. While you may say:

We say: We love it!