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Here's the thing: Some people might hate this Daniel Vosovic dress. Hate it. Maybe they'll call it a "boring bag of flour." Those people would be totally, 100 percent correct.

But we happen to love this Daniel Vosovic dress, which Emma Stone wore in London to promote Revlon's Nearly Naked makeup.

Love the unexpected, vaguely '80s thing going on with the shape. Love the pairing of gray and blush, which is a bold choice precisely because it's so bland, if you follow our meaning.

And we also are totally, 100 percent correct.

Only you can break our stalemate, kids. Vote. Vote! Before everyone dissolves into a Hatfield-McCoy-style feud involving extremely fashionable gun play!

The Fashion Police December 5 Poll
What do you think of Emma's Daniel Vosovic?
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