Prince Harry, Pippa Middleton

John Stillwell-WPA Pool/Getty Images

Kate Middleton and Prince William might just be making Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton an honor they can't refuse.

In the wake of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's announcement this week that Kate is pregnant with the heir to throne, the famous siblings have surfaced as the most likely candidates to be named godparents to the royal baby-to-be.

"I imagine it is highly likely," Victoria Arbiter, ABC's royals contributor and daughter of former Queen Elizabeth II press secretary Dickie Arbiter, told E! News of the chances the royal siblings will be asked to stand up for the baby's christening.

But they won't necessarily be the only ones.

"Really, godparents in royal circles, they tend to have quite a few of them," Arbiter said. "It is a significant honor to be asked to be a godparent. That role is going to go to someone who William and Kate can trust implicitly. Someone that has been a part of their circle and someone they can really count on."

Given those prerequisites, it's hardly a surprise which two names have floated to the surface.

"William and Harry are very, very close, as are Kate and Pippa," Arbiter said. "They were best man and chief bridesmaid, respectively. Yes, chances are Harry and Pippa will be up for the job."

Which should just about make up for bumping Harry down the line of succession, we would think.

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