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Death is coming to the Hamptons...again!

Just like season one, season two of Revenge kicked off with a flashforward teasing a main character's death, and in today's Spoiler Chat we got some scoop courtesy of a fan favorite that may leave you biting your nails until the big reveal. Plus, we've got some deets on tonight's episode of American Horror Story: Asylum, which will be less than a fun time for one polarizing character and on Juliette's big decision in the midseason finale of Nashville. Oh yeah, and scoop on New Girl, Cougar Town and more...

Samantha: I know you guys are big fans of Nurse Jackie, so I gotta know about the new season. Please help!
Season five of Nurse Jackie will be a different ride because Jackie will stay…wait for it…sober! How do we know? Because she'll be screaming at people in her support group. So yes, she's still yelling at people, but at least she's doing in while sober, right? Progress. But don't worry, her sobriety doesn't keep her from being the bitchy Jackie we all know and love. And the person getting a lot of her wrath this season? Her daughter, Grace, who will really be rocking the rebellious phase.

Marc: Rrrrevenge me!
We assume you typed that to sound like a car engine revving up, and we approve. We talked with Gabriel Mann recently about what's happening when Revenge returns; he revealed that they are about to start filming the big episode with the sinking of The Amanda. "We're almost up to the big reveal where we find out who gets the ax," he tells us. "It could be any number of people. Nolan's a little more serious this year, so hopefully with his lack of humor it doesn't mean he's gonna be [the one dying]." No way. What would Revenge be like without Nolan's quippy comments?

Olive: Do you have spoilers on AHS: Asylum?      
Affirmative. If you've been waiting for the evil Dr. Arden to get a taste of his own medicine, then you will definitely enjoy this week's episode of American Horror Story.

Jenny L.: Any more scoop on Nick's dad on New Girl? Nick is my fake boyfriend and I want to know about his dad.
That's funny, because Nick told us he was our fake boyfriend. He has some serious explaining to do. As for your scoop request: We already told you that Nick's dad is a con man, but we did not tell you how Nick reacts to his father popping back up in his life. Spoiler alert: Nick reacts badly. Very badly. He knows his dad is after money, and he does not take that well. Plus, his dad will pull the charming act on Jess, and that will really piss off our fake boyfriend for many reasons.



Wendy: Got anything on Nashville? 
How about the hell-must-be-freezing-over sight of Juliette Barnes in church?! The conniving country crooner winds up there in Wednesday's winter finale, thanks to clean-cut boyfriend Sean, who invites her to attend Sunday services with his close-knit fam. Will Juliette suddenly see the error of her sinful ways? Perhaps, considering the surprise development that caps the episode. (Let's just say she may be wearing white when the ABC drama returns in 2013.)

Lorena in New York City: Happy Endings is flawless this year. Got any scoop on what's coming up for my favorite gang?
If the cast of Happy Endings were truly a gang, who do you think would be the leader? Yeah, we think Jane would be, too. And we'll need some of that Jane strength soon since Dave will need help getting his food truck back. What happens to it? Someone up and steals Steak Me Home Tonight! But the silver lining to the thievery is the situation gives Penny and Dave a chance to bond, which will make fans of those two pretty happy.

Gina: Cougar Town is back so soon! Can I get scoop on the new season?
It seems like only yesterday we learned that TBS was rescuing one of our favorite comedies from extinction, and now we actually have new episodes headed our way! Speaking of, what do you think will happen if Laurie, Jules, Grayson and Ellie are all locked in a room together? Key word being: "locked." That's right, the gang is going to jail. But like any sitcom scenario, there's a twist involved.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Shawna Malcom & Marc Malkin

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