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Last week, we watched as Clay (Ron Perlman) made plans to flee Charming, and hide for a bit in Belfast. Meanwhile, Jax (Charlie Hunnam) injected drugs into his ex to keep her from tearing apart his family. You could say that we're truly seeing the extent of what Jax will do in order protect his family, and just how far he'll be pushed as the leader of the Sons.


Tara Says She's Getting Out: After the last episode, when Jax made a surprise appearance at Wendy's (Drea de Matteo) house—to, well, push a speedball into her shoulder and threaten her into never taking away his kids—Wendy makes a visit to Tara (Maggie Siff) at the hospital. But instead of threatening her, she goes a different route. She tells her to get out, to get out of Charming and take the job in Oregon, and rid herself of Jax and all of the illicit behavior that surrounds him. And in a moment of clarity, she says she will. She says she's getting out.

Otto Is Speechless: While being interrogated by an investigator, Otto (Kurt Sutter) sits down and the detective asks him a question: "State your name?" Instead of doing just that, Otto slams his head down on the table, tongue out, and bites the floppy muscle clean off. It's disgusting. And truly memorable. And, well, now Otto can't talk. The man is truly insane. And, now, incapable of speaking.

Gemma Blackmails Tara: Gemma (Katey Sagal) catches wind of Tara's plan to take off to a new job to Oregon. So she rushes to the hospital to confront Tara. She tells her that if she takes her grandkids away from her she will tell the detectives that Tara brought the cross into the prison, knowing that Otto was going to use it for murder. Tara says that Gemma can't control her, and that Tara is taking her kids away from Charming. Gemma, forever the gruff mother-in-law, socks her hard. Right in the stomach. "Hope you're not pregnant," she says, jetting out of the room.

Jax Tricks Tig, Brings Him to Pope: Jax tells Tig (Kim Coates) that he's bringing him to the kennels to get back at Dante's gang. But really, he's bringing him to his maker with Pope (Harold Perrineau). Or at least that's what we're led to think. At the last second, Jax turns around and kills all of Pope's men, forcing Pope to his knees. He then lets Tig get his revenge on Pope, coating the barn they're in with a bloody mess. Jax is more loyal to Tig than he'd led on. Then Jax calls it in to the cops, ensuring that Roosevelt finds the body. It's an amazing turnaround for Jax, one that was hard to see coming.

Gemma Leaves Clay Out To Dry: After murdering Pope, Jax made the strategic decision of using Clay's gun. And planting it at the scene. Roosevelt and the police arrive soon after the murder, picking up the weapon and immediately locating its owner. And hours later, after tracing the gun, they land at Clay's house to see that his bags are all packed and ready to go. Clay needs someone to vouch that he was at home. Gemma's there. But she says he went out. Took his gun. She completely sells him out, just as we expect her to. But the look in her eyes, and in Clay's, lets us know the whole thing is heartbreaking.

Tara is Under Arrest: Oh, brother. If there's any lesson from this series, it's not to piss off Gemma. After Gemma overhears Nero and Jax talking about how they both could get out of the Sons, she decides to turn in Tara, telling the cops that Jax's old lady purposely brought the cross to the prison so that Otto could kill the nurse, that she conspired to do it. And now she's under arrest. There's no better way to end this season, holding Tara captive, just as she finally thought she'd be free. Doesn't look like Jax and Tara will be moving to Oregon now. And now we have to wait another nine months until next season, while Ms. Knowles and Mr. Morrow both sit in jail cells.


"My suitcase is in the car."—Gemma

"That would be a good Catholic thing to do."—Chibs

"You're a rat bastard."—Tig

"It wasn't about being smart enough to hurt him. It was about being smart enough not to hurt him."—Bobby

"My job is to be strong, when and where you can't be."—Tara

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