Guess me from behind

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You may not recognize this singer right away. After all, she's off-leash and has apparently been tamed by a new trainer.

But we'll give you a few hints: That bodysuit is definitely her idea of business casual—she wears something similar in her latest music video. In fact, she's never met a pants-free outfit she didn't lurve. And her eye makeup often requires an airbrush and a spatula.

The 25-year-old pop star also recently revealed that she wants to sleep with an 18-year-old guy who already has a girlfriend. (It's not that far fetched, she's already had sex with a ghost.)

So, can you guess who she is?

Kesha, Ke$ha

Christopher Polk/Getty Images


Oh, come on, if you haven't figured out that it's Ke$ha, then you deserve to be crated at night, just like she is.

That said, the bodysuit is kinda growing on us. Maybe it's the lack of the usual whips and chains?

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