Lohan Arrest


Here's what you might have missed (or don't remember reading!) while you were sitting in a 6' X 8' cell with a big-hearted prostitute named Caramel who was smart enough to shove her phone up her butt when she got arrested so you can check your imdb star rating while you wait for your publicist to bail you out. Not thinking of anyone specific for that one.


Hashtag Jameson


Someone named their kid "Hashtag," proving once and for all that there are actually negative consequences when teens become parents.

PETA launched accusations of animal abuse against "The Hobbit," so we decided to investigate – and uncovered some very disgruntled Wargs.

Web MD isn't always accurate, but this Today Show fan is exhibiting all the signs of Full Blown Crazy Eyes.

Say what you will about Liz & Dick, that movie has the hardest-working fake headline writers in the business!

Justin Bieber wore overalls (aka the "Canadian Tuxedo") to an important cultural event. But we discovered he's always been doing this since the beginning of time.


Angus T. Jones took heat for calling Two and a Half Men "filth" and urging members of his church not to watch. Did he JUST NOW start reading the scripts?

Brazilian filmmakers go viral with their Ghost in the Elevator prank. Throw in karaoke and they've got themselves a reality show! 

Will.I.Am released a new video featuring Britney Spears. They managed to reach a level of excitement usually reserved for dental work and tax audits.

Movember is over, which means a 98% dropoff in ironic mustaches. And the Association of Hirsute Hipsters – AKA the National Beard Competition - has a new winner!

Kim Kardashian opened a Millions of Milkshakes in Kuwait. Even more compelling is this reenactment footage (we think).

Lance Bass Portrait


Lance Bass tweeted this photo of a portrait he found in his attic. Funny how the portrait ages while Lance always stays the same! Dorian Gray joke…anyone? Bueller? Never mind. Hand the phone back to Caramel.

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