Sofia Vergara, Sharon Stone

Ralph;; A. Ariani/ Splash News

The only things that appear to be fading here are Sofia Vergara and Sharon Stone's inhibitions.

The actresses shot a steamy love scene—yes, with each other—for John Turturro's latest film, Fading Gigolo, in New York today, and the ever attentive paparazzi managed to capture both bombshells in, er, character.

First off, Stone may have worn a fur coat to shield herself from the chill as she made her way to the set, but she forgot her pants, leaving her upper thighs very exposed to the elements. (Those elements, of course, including shutterbugs.)

And we'd say that Vergara was a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen, her breasts raring to escape the confines of her lingeries—but we're pretty sure everything was functioning just as the director wanted it!

Turturro's already intriguing cast also includes Woody Allen, who's playing an amateur pimp, not the titular gigolo, in the first film he hasn't directed himself in in years; Liev Schreiber; Vanessa Paradis ; Jill Scott and Max Casella.

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