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First comes baby then comes marriage? That seems to be the plan for one Seattle Grace couple who are dealing with a pregnancy scare this episode. But you may be surprised which doctor is actually knocked up!

Also, bust out some champagne because Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) finally returned back to work! But was she grumpy Arizona or happy Arizona?

Let's recap "I Was Made For Lovin' You" right now:

One Big Happy Family: Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), Derek (Patrick Dempsey), Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona have filed their lawsuit against the hospital so it's an understatement to say thing are just a bit awkward. Owen (Kevin McKidd) gives a speech to everyone saying it's the lawyers' job to work that stuff out and shouldn't affect everyone's work environment. We can all collectively agree that's not going to happen. Meanwhile, things are bad on the home front for Owen and Cristina too. She is selling the house and he doesn't seem to want to talk about their marriage (if we can still call it that). During Owen's first meeting with the lawyers he is handed a piece of paper that shows he signed off on switching airplane carriers before the crash. The problem? It turns out the company had a history of mechanical failure which clearly no one checked.

Trippy First Day: Arizona's back—and so is her bubbly personality! Everyone is walking on eggshells around her to try and make her feel comfortable. Alex is bribing patients with money not to ask about her leg, Callie has an intern following Arizona around with a wheelchair just in case, but it still isn't making the transition that smooth. Arizona's leg seems to be slowing her down. She gets tired more easily and after surgery she falls on the floor. She takes it in stride though and laughs through it. Yay for Old Arizona!

Wedding Bell Blues: Anyone else forget Owen and Cristina are still married? Cristina asks why Owen brought her back and he responds it's "good business" and they "don't work" as a couple and Cristina seems actually upset hearing that. Later on Owen finds out that the reason he hasn't been fired is because the board hopes the case will just be thrown out since Owen and Cristina are married and it would look like Owen would be reaping financial gain. At the end of the episode Owen asks Cristina for a divorce right before she was about to tell him she wanted to fight for their marriage. As for a happier almost betrothed couple, Bailey is planning a Christmas wedding! She gives into her husband-to-be who wants a big cheesy wedding.

Suturing for Two? April (Sarah Drew) is late, and we don't mean for work. When she tells Jackson (Jesse Williams), he freaks out, but not as much as rambling April. She tells Jackson she can do it on her own if the test comes back positive but Jackson tells April he's in, no matter what. Jackson says he would have a big wedding and do whatever it takes and seems to genuinely want that. But the results come back and April is not pregnant. She is happy and "thanks God" because now they don't have to get married. Jackson is understandably hurt by her reaction and breaks things off.

Baby On the Way: Guess who is pregnant? Meredith! She buys Zola a shirt that says "world's best big sister" and gives it to Derek as a present. Derek also agrees to help Callie with finding a surgery that will fix his hand after Meredith gives him a push. It took a while, but so glad Meredith and Derek are the stable couple on the show!

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