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The best way to say goodbye to November? With some Spoiler Chat goodies, of course!

In our final Spoiler Chat before the countdown to Christmas officially begins, we're handing out juicy scoop on the hot new guy coming to Glee, a less than ideal situation on American Horror Story and a new romance on a hit ABC comedy! Plus, we've got the answer to a burning Supernatural question regarding Sam's love life and intel on Parks and Recreation, Southland and more!

Trent: Southland is the most underrated drama on TV, so I'm surprised I don't get more scoop about it!
We shall take your unsubtle hint and run with it. Southland is currently looking for a big name to appear in more than one episode of the third season as Cooper's training officer. He drinks too much, lives on a boat, and is definitely a little worse for wear. Any ideas on who should play him?

Tracey L.: Glee Glee Glee!    
Did you want scoop on Homeland? Ah, we jest. Chord Overstreet better watch himself because right now Glee is currently looking for another handsome blond singer to come on and sweep some people of their feet. And this guy won't just be a flash in the pan: He'll be around for more than one episode. Whose heart do you think he'll be stealing?!

Dina: Hearing a theory floating around that Sam's girlfriend Amelia isn't real on Supernatural. Got any scoop on that?
Our source close to the show tells us that a love triangle of sorts is coming up between Sam, Amelia and her not so dead ex-husband, so we're assuming she's pretty darn real. (Sorry, we guess?)

Derek: This week's American Horror Story is left me with all kinds of questions. Can you help a TV fan out with some scoop?
Is one of those question: Is someone going to end up in prison soon? If that's the case, then our answer is yes. We will be visiting a prison yard soon on American Horror Story.

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Vanessa: Anything on New Normal's Rocky?? She's my favorite character right now. 
Have you ever wanted to see a Rocky drag queen? How about a drag queen who looks like Nana? In episode 12, you'll get to feast your eyes on both. Plus, Shania will come face to face with some mean girls, and guess who sets their sights on revenge against them?

Neil: When are you going to announce the winners of the best of comedies of 2012? I want to see Parks and Rec at the top of the list! Oh, and can I get spoilers?
We will be presenting the Top 10 comedies of 2012, chosen by you guys, later today. Keep those eyes peeled. As for your spoiler request, episode 14 is titled "Women in Garbage," but no one is going to throw Leslie in the trash. At least, we hope not. Leslie will however be meeting another powerful Pawnee woman during the episode, and someone else will be getting into trouble over at the middle school. But not in a To Catch a Predator kind of way, of course.

Elena: Loving Suburgatory, and Dalia's music video to woo back Carmen was hilarious! But how will Noah respond?!
Noah may be too busy dealing with his love life to worry about losing his housekeeper...unless the two are actually related?! "My character is having marital issues this season because he's falling in love with someone else," Alan Tudyk tells us. "I don't want to give anything away, but it's someone on the show," Could it be Carmen?! Alas, Alan would only tease that "there will be a lot of making out!"

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