Iconic designer Jonathan Adler is famous for his super-chic sensibility and interior looks.

Naturally, a lot of the pieces this famous potter has in his own house, he made himself. But where did he get the stuff he didn't handcraft? The answer might surprise you.

While one would expect such a prestigious designer to be shopping at only the most exquisite botiques, Alder is actually an eBay aficionado!

Yep, that's right—this interior style guru has decorated his own home with tons of stuff from the online auction house!

E! NewsAlicia Quarles got to take a sneak peak inside the designer's domain and you've got to check out all the amazing stuff he's found.

From the basic necessities like some of his coolest chairs to decorative pieces like glass decanters and even an obelisk—he got it all on eBay. Watch the video to check out more of his fabulous finds.

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