Jessica Simpson


Jessica Simpson is reportedly baby bumpin'. If so, does that mean she'll be, er, bumped as a Weight Watchers spokeswoman?

While E! News reached out to the company on Wednesday, we didn't exactly get a definitive answer.

However, a celebrity manager with familiarity of such deals has shed some light on what may transpire now that Simpson is supposedly with child so soon after the birth of Maxwell.

According to our source, weight-loss contracts usually have a pregnancy clause in them. It all depends on how the contract was structured, noting that famous spokespeople don't get their money paid in one lump sum as there are several triggers throughout the deal that are tied to the number of pounds they lose and services they do.

For instance, they get paid to, say, shoot a commercial, then paid again once the spot rolls out, as well as when they reach a certain weight.

Jessica shoots Weight Watchers commercial

Our source would be shocked if Weight Watchers didn't have a pregnancy provision when it comes to Simpson, adding that some deals are structured so that services can be temporarily suspended and simply picked up after the baby's arrival.

Simpson signed a multimillion-dollar deal with the diet company and shot her first commercial just two weeks ago. In the months since Maxwell's May 1 birth, she has reportedly dropped more than 60 pounds.

(Originally published Nov. 29, 2012, at 1:22 p.m. PT)

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