Donald Trump Tweets Post-Brawl Advice to Halle Berry's Ex Gabriel Aubry: "Learn How to Fight"

Real estate mogul offers up his suggestion in the wake of the Thanksgiving altercation between Aubry and Olivier Martinez

By Peter Gicas Nov 29, 2012 3:02 PMTags
Donald Trump, Gabriel AubryRob Loud /

Donald Trump is certainly not shy about speaking his mind when it comes to famous folks.

So leave it to the real estate mogul to offer up some advice to Halle Berry's ex, Gabriel Aubry, in the wake of his Thanksgiving Day brawl with the Oscar winner's fiancé, Olivier Martinez.

"Gabriel Aubry should learn how to fight—he became a punching bag," Trump tweeted on Wednesday.

Clearly Trump must have seen the shots of Aubry walking around with quite the shiner following the altercation.

He also added, "Always drama with Halle B!"

Trump's latest comments come on the heels of his tweets blaming Kate Middleton for the topless photo scandal and suggesting Robert Pattinson should not get back with Kristen Stewart since she cheated on him.

We're sure it's only a matter of time before he has something to say about Lindsay Lohan's latest arrest.