Lindsay Lohan Getting Sued Over Liz & Dick? Not So Fast...

Despite report to the contrary, producer says he "has no plans" to file suit against his leading lady for breach of contract

By Natalie Finn Nov 29, 2012 5:30 AMTags
Lindsay Lohan, Liz & DickLifetime

Why would the makers of Liz & Dick want to sue Lindsay Lohan? Her performance wasn't that bad!

We kid. But Fox News reported today that Lifetime was gearing up to file suit against Lohan for breach-of-contract, supposedly because she violated a clause in her deal that stipulated she was only supposed to be driven around in her network-provided car during the six weeks of filming.

Well, that didn't happen.

But no one is planning to sue her.

A rep for Lifetime tells E! News that Lohan's contract wasn't with them, but with Larry Thompson Productions—hence the matter doesn't pertain to the network.

And Thompson tells us: "Larry Thompson Productions has no plans, nor has ever had any plans, to sue our leading lady, Lindsay Lohan, for breach of contract."

Last we checked, bad acting isn't a criminal offense, so it sounds like Lohan's in the clear!