Suddenly, the fact that Britney Spears chose as her X Factor mentor makes so much more sense (it's all about promotions, people).

Regardless, tonight's episode of the hit reality show featured the world premiere of the Black Eyed Peas rapper's new song "Scream and Shout" featuring our very own Brit-Brit.

"Walking to the stage now but I'll be back afterwards… cannot wait to hear what y'all think of the video!!!" Britney tweeted before the premiere.

The video wasn't too crazy, but it definitely provided the futuristic vibe that is famous for.

Between the bright lights, Brit's amazing looks (and somewhat weird English accent...but whatever) and the catchy hook, it seems like this single might be one that you find yourself singing in the car without even realizing it. And they bring "Britney, bitch" back, so that's always good.

"wow!!! I feel so excited and full of energy right now!!! I want to #screamANDshout…. thank you all…" tweeted.

Watch the music video and give us your take in the comments!

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