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By Tierney Bricker Nov 28, 2012 2:00 PMTags

Make way for the newbies, people!

In today's Spoiler Chat, we've got scoop on fresh blood coming to True Blood and a new beauty on Once Upon a Time, as well as the mysterious new character coming to Seattle Grace later this season on Grey's Anatomy. Plus, we've got juicy spoilers on a Happy Endings' family reunion, The Mindy Project, Big Bang Theory and more!

Daisy: Need. Modern Family. Spoilers. Now. 
Slow ya roll, pushy! Phil better watch out because a man from Claire's past will be resurfacing soon: her old college professor, Professor Cooke! He's erudite, distinguished and, yes, attractive. And he's also pretty arrogant and cocky, despite the fact that he never quite made it as an academic. (Here's hoping Phil spends the episode trying to outsmart him!) 

Robyn in Atlanta: I'll take some Grey's news if you have any.
Here is a peculiar casting call we need your help dissecting. Grey's is looking for a new doctor, in his late 40s, who will be around for three episodes. Seems like a fairly important character for later this season, right? Then why will we only hear his voice and never see him? Speculate away! 

Jacey: One serving of Happy Endings scoop, please!
Forget Alex and Jane's parents, it's time to meet their grandmother! Viewers will meet Nana in episode 14, which will reveal the origin of the sister's lifelong feud. (It's called "the incident.") She may or may not force them to do "the sister dance." Old people are the best, no? 

Rachel in Madison, Wis.: You never talk about Big Bang Theory, only How I Met Your Mother. Don't discriminate against other CBS comedies!
We love all comedies on all networks, but we are guilty of holding out for some fun scoop on Big Bang Theory, which we just got our hands on! Who of the gang would be the worst person to come face-to-face with a carjacker? We're about to find out, because in episode 13 of this season, someone runs into a menacing car thief. We won't say who, but rest assured, it'll be epically hilarious.

Daisy: Any Once Upon a Time scoop you can share? 
Yet another regal beauty will be joining the ABC hit series! Viewers will meet the elegant and poised Katerina in episode 15. Katerina captures the affection of all those that meet her, thanks to her pure spirit and kind heart. As if she doesn't already sound perfect enough, it's worth noting that she treats everyone with dignity and respect, no matter their place in society and she's super close with her adoring fam. 

Charlotte: Need a True Blood fix now!
We'll be introduced to a new series regular next season: Creighton Burrell, the governor of Louisiana with a big chip on his shoulder when it comes to vampires. You see, his wife ran off with one, abandoning him and their daughter. Ambitious and savvy, this politician sometimes lets his personal aspirations take over his humanity. 

Sophie: I think The Mindy Project is the best comedy of 2012. I voted, so scoop please!
You click a poll, we offer scoop? That's a fair trade. In episode 17, we'll be flashing back to the most awkward time in Mindy's (or anyone's) life: age 13. But this flashback might not be all bad, considering we're meeting a boy that Mindy once had a close bond with. Will we see a childhood love coming back to romance our favorite gyno?

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins & Tierney Bricker

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