Prepare to get hot and bothered—Justin Bieber released a new video.

No, it's not another music video, but it is the official commercial for his new fragrance Girlfriend, and it makes Beliebers of all ages feel like they're the singer's main squeeze.


The commercial features an acoustic version of the pop singer's hit "Boyfriend," while showing J.B. canoodling not with his possible on-again gal Selena Gomez, but with an unknown female and doing all kinds of sweet and romantic things with her (flirting, throwing popcorn...the usual).

And when we say unknown woman, we really mean unknown. The video never shows her face or anything except her arm and foot. Yes, that's exactly what it means—that could be you! Just close your eyes and believe (as Biebs would say).

Bieber posted the video on his Twitter and asked, "u like this?"

Why, yes, yes we do.

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