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Angus T. Jones' Two and a Half Men comments may have been harsh, but in the eyes of the Parents Television Council, the 19-year-old star conveyed the correct message in his now infamous rant.

The PTC has come to the star's defense after Jones expressed his honest thoughts on the hit comedy show, calling the sitcom "filth" and urging viewers to stop watching.

And stop watching is exactly what the PTC wants you to do, too:  

Read exactly what Angus T. Jones said about the show 

"If indeed Angus T. Jones meant what he purportedly said, and that this is not just a publicity stunt by a production team desperate to prevent any further erosion of its audience; then his comments are welcomed, and we urge viewers to heed his call," PTC President Tim Winter said in a statement.

He continued, expressing his concern that the show is featured during prime time viewing hours when children are often tuning in:

"For too many years Two and a Half Men has engulfed the public airwaves with indecent content at times of the day when children are likely to be in the audience. It has sexualized, degraded and debased women and girls," Winter said. "And it has celebrated behavior that in real life comes with devastating, life-long consequences. We hope the media reports of Mr. Jones' comments are accurate and that his sentiments are earnest." 

But that's not all—the PTC also called Jones to action, urging him to advocate for appropriate content and higher industry standards:

"And if, indeed, he does recognize the potential harm of content such as that on Two and a Half Men, we urge Mr. Jones to work from within the entertainment industry and raise standards to improve television content for the benefit of all Americans."

As for CBS' side? The network has yet to comment, but sources tell E! News that the powers-that-be on the show are preparing to take action, adding that everyone was "completely blindsided" by Angus' comments.

Fire away below with your thoughts on the boob tube fiasco.

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