Brandi Glanville, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 2

Richard McLaren/Bravo

Is there anything better than a Housewives getaway?

Kim Richards invites the girls (including Camille Grammer—yay!) for a peaceful trip up to Ojai, but obviously this weekend doesn't go smoothly…particularly after the wine starts flowing.

So who does Brandi Glanville get into a war of words with this episode?

Cease Fire: Adrienne Maloof and Lisa Vanderpump seem to call a truce. When they meet for drinks, Lisa reiterates how hurt she was by Adrienne's allegations that she sold stories about her castmates to tabloids. Adrienne apologizes and Lisa appears to accept it (but the ladies continue to make snide remarks behind each other's backs). Meanwhile, Kim takes the first step to making peace with Brandi when she plans a girls getaway to Ojai and Brandi gets an invitation.

Model Behavior: Brandi Glanville is writing a book (that isn't all about bashing her cheating ex) and we really see her insecurities shine. When she invites Lisa to a photo shoot—and looks stunning BTW—she tells Lisa she doesn't like the photos because she has a wrinkle by her thumb. Um…what? 

Single Ladies: Up at Ojai, Kim ends up sitting across from Brandi at dinner…but she didn't plan it that way, "the universe" did. Glad to see sober Kim still has some quirks! Shockingly, the two girls seem to be getting along and dare we say even bonding? Brandi compliments Kim by calling her a good mother. Nice one! This is the key to Kim's heart. Kim even admits to "kind of" liking Brandi. The girls also connect over the woes of dating while being a single parent.

Call it Out: Kim starts crying (good tears we think) while Brandi apologizes for the hundredth time. Adrienne snidely comments "Oh, somebody's crying" referring to Kim. This causes Brandi to go off on Adrienne from across the table in defense of Kim (even though Kim didn't ask for it). Brandi thinks it was rude of Adrienne to make that comment during dinner and thinks she just wants attention.

Do you think Brandi snapping on Adrienne was justified? Tell us in the comments!

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