Of all the things I've chosen for my wedding registry in the past few weeks, one gift never came to mind: syphilis.

But that is just the sort of special gift that Neil Patrick Harris—who always kills me with comedy in interviews—has in mind for Marshall and Lily of How I Met Your Mother. He's a giver!

Harris, of course, plays Barney (aka the Barnana) on the CBS fan-favorite comedy, and I caught up with him, along with the rest of the HIMYM cast, including the bride and groom, on Lily and Marshall's big wedding day, which airs tonight. (You must watch. The episode is hilarious and sweet.)

The cast also gave the scoop on what big, no, huge things Robin and Ted have in store, and how they feel about the chances of a third season. 

You can see all the HIMYM wedding crashery in its glory in the video clip above, along with scoop on Lost, American Idol and Ugly Betty.

Don't say I never gave you anything! (Especially not syphilis.) 

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