In case you spent Thanksgiving locked in the bathroom of your parents' house having an emergency therapy session with the only person in your family who actually cares about your childhood, your now-mute Teddy Ruxpin… here's what you missed from The Soup TV and the rest of the interwebs.


HBB Thanksgiving

Pleased with the resurgence in popularity of his "Haunted Toasters," Satan holds a Black Friday sale to liquidate the rest of his kitchen appliances.

Lindsay Lohan hoped to transform herself for Liz & Dick, but as this behind-the-scenes footage shows, she's still the same old Lindsay.

Honey Boo Boo's recipe for a successful holiday. Hint: use lots of ketchup!

In honor of The Soup's WWE special, wrestling's biggest Superstars and Divas reveal their softer side.

Ron Ben-Israel proves his theory that Sweet Genius is 1% inspiration, 1% perspiration, and 98% truly f**ked up ingredients.


Mitt Romney posted a tender moment cooking Thanksgiving dinner with his human energy source, er, wife, Anne.

Mitt Romney, Facebook


Black Friday online sales topped $1 billion for the first time ever. The biggest benefit of shopping online? You won't get stabbed waiting in line for a flatscreen!

Elmo walked in the Macy's Thanksgiving parade – but you already know his whereabouts at all times, due to Megan's Law.

The world's most rabid Gloria Estefan fan hits the internet. Watch at your own risk: the rhythm is gonna get you, too.

Chris Brown melts down and deletes his twitter account, again. Someone really needs to break the cycle.

Not one to be deterred by unflinching critical disdain, Rebecca Black released a new single on Friday (yep). Surprisingly…it's not bad enough?

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