Britney Spears, Puppy, Twit Pic


It's Britney's bitch. Literally.

But those aren't our words, those are the words of Britney Spears' latest family addition, an adorable puppy named Hannah that the X Factor judge debuted on Twitter this morning.

Looks like little Mercy might have a pet cute-off on her hands paws.

Britney's four-legged friend was shown off this morning when the proud new mama tweeted out, "I want you all to meet my new little baby girl @hannahspears < 3 How cute is she?!?!"

Probably rhetorical, but we'll answer anyway: So cute.

And made all the more so by her decision to join the tweeting masses, despite her lack of opposable thumbs. So far, Hannah has amassed more than 1,150 followers, all in just four short tweets.

"Woof!" was her inaugural missive, followed by, "Should I wear a bow? Mom says I'm a princess & that I need a bow."

After retweeting her mama's welcome message, she replied, "awww thanks mommy - I love you!"

Something tells us that the love is gonna come right back at Hannah, whose Twitter bio reads, simply, "I'm Britney's Bitch."

Lucky dog.

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