The Case of Cindy's Missing Belly Button

Elle erases supermodel's navel from bikini pic, report says

By Joal Ryan Jun 19, 1998 7:30 PMTags
Where belly buttons are concerned, you're either an innie or you're an outie. Unless you're Cindy Crawford. In which case your belly button...isn't there!

Strange, but true. At least in the July issue of Elle magazine.

There, in a fashion spread on bikinis, according to today's New York Post, inquiring minds can find a full-color shot of the newly married Ms. Crawford...navel-free!

Now, logic would dictate that there are two, er, logical explanations for this anatomical anomaly:

Cindy Crawford is an alien life form; Somebody at Elle got air-brush happy.

Hate to ruin a Fox Mulder moment on the weekend the X-Files movie opens, but Crawford's M.I.A. belly button has nothing to do with the Invasion of the Supermodels from Another Planet.

Rather, it's a matter of plain, old magazine touch-up work.

"It's our little test to see who's really paying attention," editor Elaina Richardson jokes, in the Post.

The newspaper theorizes that Crawford's navel "apparently clashed" with the $300 bathing suit she was wearing, prompting the mag to take all means necessary to remove the offending body part.

No word yet from Crawford's camp.

Making the world a more beautiful place, via computer photo manipulation, is nothing new. Last winter, Newsweek fixed the teeth of the mother of the Iowa septuplets. Of course, it was a fix that existed only in the reality of the cover picture, but--hey--it's the thought that counts.

Elle's Richardson thinks her art department's handiwork could prove to be no less influential.

"Who knows," she cracks, to the Post, "maybe this will start a trend in plastic surgery for belly-button removal."