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Oh, Canada. This is why fashion policing is best left to the professionals.

Justin Bieber bore the brunt of not one but two rather hard knocks over the weekend, starting with some harsh criticism over his choice of attire when meeting his home country's prime minister.

Which, as it happens, were a pair of unbuckled denim overalls (hey, at least it wasn't a Canadian tuxedo).


It started out harmless enough, when on Saturday Selena Gomez's on-again, off-again boyfriend tweeted out a photo of himself in a backwards cap, denim overalls, white T-shirt and yellow sneakers posing, thumbs-up style, with Canadian PM Stephen Harper.

"I met the Prime Minister in overalls lol," he wrote.

And that was the end of it—until yesterday, when the ever-discerning Daily Mail published about the meeting in rather unflattering terms, calling out Bieber as a "white trash prince" (which in fairness, he was originally branded by Gawker) due to his choice of wardrobe.

Which, naturally, Bieber couldn't let go undefended.

"The pic of me and the Prime Minister was taken in a room in the arena where i was performing that day," he explained on Instagram, captioning a screengrab of the Mail's online article and calling out the writer, Hayley Peterson.

"I walked straight from my meet and greet to him, if you ''Hayley' expect me to have a change of clothes let a loan a suit at that specific time that's crazy, It wasn't like it was like I was going into his environment we were at a hockey arena.

"Wow am i ever white trash hayley peterson lol."

And as those Canadians always stick together, Harper himself weighed in on Twitter, writing, "In fairness to @justinbieber, I told him I would be wearing my overalls too. #cdnpolitics #beliebers"

Unfortunately for Bieber, that wasn't the only hate he had to deal with over the weekend.

Yesterday, Justin performed for the halftime crowd at the Canadian football event the Grey Cup, yielding an outpouring of boos and jeers from the masses when his name was announced, before he even had the chance to sing.

Ever the pro, Bieber took that in stride, too.

"Honored to perform for my country," he tweeted after the fact. "#ProudCanadian. Good luck in the second half."

And just to prove he wasn't unaware of the criticism, he retweeted a fan's support: "You best believe Justin proved the crowd wrong, he did incredible. And the boos turned into cheering. That's how he do it."

And Justin, of course, got the last word, tweeting, simply, "Never walk away from a challenge." Or a challenging weekend.

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