Robert Griffin III

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The NFL's hottest hunks? We'll have seconds, please!

Watching professional football on Thanksgiving is a time-honored tradition. And, even though Thursday games aren't just an annual pastime anymore, it can be a lot more fun to watch with your loved ones and a a full plate (or two) of food.

And, with all the players to feast your eyes on, even those who don't know a free safety from a sweet potato can enjoy the spread.

Three games are on the menu this year:

Super-cute linebacker Brian Cushing was lost to a torn ACL this season, but the first-place Houston Texans should still trounce the Detroit Lions. Next up, the scarily in-shape rookie powerhouse that is Robert Griffin III leads the Washington Redskins against Tony Romo's Dallas Cowboys, always an intense rivalry. And, finally, just in time for pie, veteran hottie Tom Brady's New England Patriots will square off against Mark Sanchez's New York Jets.

A matchup that will be none the harder on the eyes if Tim Tebowgets to fill in for the embattled-yet-ever-sexy Sanchez.

Who's hungry?!

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