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A baby's laugh. A lover's smile. The warm embrace of a friend. When you head to the mall (or, more realistically, Amazon) this holiday season, remember that the finest things in life can't be bought with money.

Well not your money, anyway.

From one-of-a-kind cars (hi, George Clooney) to thoroughbred horses to vacations on islands that most of us couldn't find with a GPS, the 1 percent gives and receives gifts worth more than the GDP of some nations.

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When it comes to holiday gift-giving, celebs have a distinct pocketbook advantage. There is just no keeping up with the Kardashians—Kim, alone, has to figure out a way to top her birthday present to Kanye, a $750,000 Lamborghini.

Just because we can't compete this holiday season, doesn't mean we can't take some joy in seeing how the other half gives.

So join us as we take a peek inside some hot celebrity stockings.

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